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A Look at the Earliest Printed Book—and It’s Not the Gutenberg Bible

oday, the printed word is taken for granted. Newspapers, books, brochures, and business cards are filled with printed words essential for spreading information around the globe. The revolution of the printed word came about with the advent of moveable type—technology that allowed quick, quality reproductions of text. While many associate the world-famous Gutenberg Bible with this technology, it’s actually not the first book ever printed. In fact, work coming out of Asia beats it by a long shot.

The Dark Night of the Soul – Manly Palmer Hall

Man’s Instinctive Search for Reality

More than three hundred years ago, a Spanish mystic, San Juan de la Cruz, St. John of the Cross, wrote an extraordinary book, entitled “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

Though comparatively unknown to the modem reader, this is perhaps one of the greatest documents in Christian symbolism on a mystical level.