Who wants to tell Tucker and other commentators the hard facts? Dominion Eric Coomer Taped Saying To ANTIFA ” Don’t Worry Trump Won’t Win We Fixed That”. Tell him to hurry because Dorsey is deleting anything on Coomer off Twitter as fake news.

Hey fake news….. how about you all listen to some of the evidence!

Eric Coomer
According toJustia Patents,Coomer has filed a number of patents on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems. He and several other employees filed 12 patents from 2012 to 2014 on behalf of the voting software, the majority of which have to do with “ballot adjudication in voting systems utilizing ballot images,” and other systems and measures aimed at increasing security and accuracy around ballot tracking, printing and processing.
Coomer has been a vice president of Dominion Voting Systems since 2010. Check out Coomer here:

Eyewitnesses and sworn avadivits are KEY EVIDENCE in a…

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