Will The Revolution Start in Virginia?

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     Revolutions start slowly… similar to trying to light a fire with wet wood… Enough heat must be applied till the wood catches fire, but….once MOLESTED…the common man comes alive with a ferocious anger and resolve…. and the Va general assembly has lit the fire. There are many bills in the assembly that will turn peaceful Virginian gun owners  into fifth class felons.  I am already seeing that resolve mount toward an eruption point in VA and the tyrannical new laws are not even on the books yet.
     Emails with links to other counties were received concerning counties in Virginia standing up to this insanity,  by declaring the County a 2A Sanctuary County – 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.  This has no legal authority, but sends a message that we will not go to prison for an Unconstitutional law.
    The Shenandoah County Supervisor meetings are sparsely attended.. but this was…

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