From Fort Beauséjour to Fort Cumberland …without going anywhere?

Local Heart, Global Soul

We are in New Brunswick, Canada and have just left  Sackville, heading for the Province of Nova Scotia a short distance away. Close to the border we spy a sign… Fort Beauséjour, and decide to take a closer look.

First we come to a beautiful stone building… and start to learn a little about the history of the area.  I have a fascination for this because when I was at  school I studied Graphic Art, and Art History because  of my interest in all things “Arty”.

At the time I didn’t see the point in studying History as well, a decision I now regret, because over the years I have discovered that I am in fact a secret history buff.Ok, not in the technical dates and figures department of History, but in social history, the way people lived in the past, the practical implements of life that they would have…

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