The Cosmic Clock – Part 1

Kabbalah Astrology


In the biblical schema of time, the six days of creation correspond to the six millennia of human history, beginning with the creation of Adam in year 0.

Each millennium corresponds to one of the archetypal creation days, beginning at sunset (as evening preceded morning in the creation story), moving through midnight, to dawn at the midpoint of the millenium, through noon, and again sunset, heralding the birth of the next day.

The sixth millennium began in the year 1240 of the common era. The year 1590 was midnight; the year 1740, dawn; and the recent year of 1990, noon on the sixth day.

The seventh day or seventh millennium signifies the Sabbath day or messianic era, the return of the Golden Age as prophesized by many cultures.

In the Jewish tradition, the Sabbath is the purpose of the entire week, and preparations begin as early as Wednesday, with some…

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