Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice: Nine Months from Exile to Redemption

Kabbalah Astrology



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The following is based on the 120-day cycle of the Torah:

On 7 Sivan, Moses went up onto the mountain . . . On 17 Tammuz, the tablets were broken. On the 18th, he burned the [Golden] Calf and judged the transgressors. On the 19th, he went up for forty days and pleaded for mercy. On 1 Elul, he went up to receive the second tablets, and was there for forty days. On 10 Tishrei, G‑d restored His goodwill with the Jewish people gladly and wholeheartedly, saying to Moses, “I have forgiven, as you ask,” and gave him the Second Tablets.

~ Rashi zy”a


Ten Stages / Sefirot:


0. Keter ~ 1 Nissan ~ Rosh Chodesh Nissan

New biblical year begins with the sanctification of the new month at…

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