Quintessence & the Circle of Spirit

The Classical Astrologer

eye of horusThe survey of the elements hardly seems complete without discussion of the Quintessence, also known as Aether, Anima Mundi, Spirit and root of the word ethereal

It’s the primary source element present in all things. It’s an animating force or principle, providing space, relatedness and balance for all Elements to exist.

The Quintessence is mentioned throughout the Alchemical Teachings, by Plato in the Timeaus and is integral to the Hermetic Philosophy.

As a sister science, Astrology requires an awareness of the Quintessence, even though for practical purposes it isn’t discussed much. The Four Elements we know is what is manifest and part of our daily lives. But they wouldn’t exist without Aether.

We couldn’t directly calculate a given person’s Humour using Aether, but not to have understanding of the source is very great liability. The Quintessence is in a very real sense our source and our way home to the Circle of…

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