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John Donne Show
Published on Aug 7, 2019


Former Google employee accuses tech giant of bias. This is how Google is spying on everything you do. Google Fires Republican Engineer Who Exposed Alleged Bias Against Conservatives. Former Google engineer Kevin Cernekee explains how Google can potentially manipulate the electoral process and addresses the bias within the tech giant.

Is Google manipulating its algorithm to prioritize left-leaning news outlets in their coverage of President Trump?

It sure looks that way based on recent search results for news on the president. Google is spying on everything you. Literally everything. If you are not protecting yourself, Google is after your personal life whether you like it or it. Google spies on you and it’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore. Leaked video shows Google’s top brass ‘upset’ over Trump 2016 win of Trump. Facebook Censors Conservatives Articles, Saying They ‘Look Like Spam’ To test the premise, I performed a Google search for “Trump” using the search engine’s “News” tab and analyzed the results using Sharyl Attkisson’s media bias chart.


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