Second Mass Shooter Supported Elizabeth Warren, Socialism and Gun Control

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Of course, I found the truth about this on a trusted Conservative website.  

How about the mainstream media, which includes Fox News?  I found nary a word about the beliefs of this maniac. But does this surprise me?  That’s rhetorical.

Politicizing mass shootings is a hallmark tactic of the Left. These people are still not over the shock of 2016, when they were certain that their darling, Hillary Clinton, was a shoe-in.  I believe that the Democrats are serious frightened  because they have no viable candidate to run in 2020.

That is glaringly obvious to everyone.

Rahm Emanuel’s quote pretty much sums up the Left’s actions after a tragedy:

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

I wonder if that quote is framed  and hangs on the office walls of Leftist politicians. It’s despicable.


The pattern here is that there is no pattern.

The media keeps…

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