The Infamy of Crete Part I: the Problem of Being “European”

The Apollonian Transmission

We cannot leave our discussion of the Greco-Roman without parsing one of the central tales emerging through this Myth body via Crete, “the first European civilization.” Its symbols will appear in later JEM and, in general, it has much to teach us. Indeed, even more so because it is almost certainly Semitic in origin and perspective.

Again, with Crete it appears we find an ancient civilization that was critically formative to the development of Jews in their current form. It contains many questions, and thus, we can be assured, as many answers, have we the fastidiousness and sincerity to accept them. I speak, of course, of the tale of the tragic Cretan king Minos.

As with all JEM, first it is critical to know the identity of our characters. Minos, the first King of Crete is said to have been descended of Jupiter and Europa. Hence, descended of the Aryan…

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