The Caducean phenomenon

The Apollonian Transmission

The Marxist leader Lenin famously said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Since then, this line has been used by rightists to refer to the duplicity of modern political left or, more plainly, Jews in politics. Here they contend, elements of Jewry, whom are in every instance looking to push Aryans toward degeneracy, will disingenuously posit themselves on an apparent opposite end of the political spectrum as leaders. Here they attempt to blunt, neuter or mislead the opposition.

This is certainly a very real phenomena, however, it is deeply mistaken to consider it a uniquely “Marxist” or even an especially modern technique. Rather, it is part of an ancient phenomenon, deployed by Jews or Proto-Jews since time immemorial. Indeed, it’s best symbolic representation is in the ancient symbol of the Caduceus, which again, we find first in Sumer with the figure and symbol of Ningishzida. Here Interpretatio Romana…

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