R.E.M Part I: Propaganda, Art, Religion, Myth as race forming synonyms

The Apollonian Transmission

Some might call this study ambitious.  To us this should be absurd.  That someone should set to the task of writing a study on any subject seems necessarily that he must have many new things to say on that subject.  Otherwise it seems he plays on the patience of many men and would theoretically, at least in a time of honesty, bring himself some measure of embarrassment.

More, it seems, he would never gain the interest of men, particularly in so post-book an age, if he hadn’t a great deal to share that was formerly unconsidered or, at the very least, considerably better stated than before.  While we often perceive competing mediums, as well as an over-abundance of media generally, as corrosive to the continuance of important written works, the opposite almost certainly proves the case.  Written works will actually be required to have something important to contribute to remain. …

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Categories: Conspiracies, Deep State


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