Christianity and the Question of Unity

The Apollonian Transmission

If Christianity becomes undiscussable, because of a female sensitivity from the Christian side, then like its secular manifestation, multiculturalism, it enjoys a female victory. And let no one be deceived, where the “honest” Christian cannot confront, like the woman, like the “wise serpent,” he will whisper and conspire to ostracize and ruin, unashamed of using malleable enemies to attack stronger enemies.

Having an unfettered debate with him about theological matters becomes as hard to achieve as a calm, reasonable discussion with a Jew about the tenability of six million Jewish deaths during the Holocaust. And here, the Jew’s case is six million-fold stronger.

That one is required to respect or much less tolerate the wild and baseless ideas or faith of another man out of “Religious tolerance” or “tolerance” more generally is itself unacceptable. These taboos are not innocuous. In a generation or two, one’s son might be ostracized, drummed out of a…

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