Apolloism versus Civilization-Ending Personal Salvation Cults

The Apollonian Transmission

Only with Apollo is it clear that a conscious eugenic movement developed and for a period succeeded. It was one interested in maintaining a viable ruling stock. Indeed, in contrast, the caste systems of India were not eugenic. The Kshatriya were a Janissary class, the Brahmin priestly and Semitic in orientation. For instance, we find here a scribe, priest class placed above a warrior class. Yet should Martials rule?

Apolloism found the answer, with the eugenic, well-rounded Apollo. This founding type is to be promoted. In Hinduism, in contrast, the well-rounded Apollo was the “Purusha sukta” that the Hindus “abstracted” and divided to create their inferior specialized classes. From a Semitic perspective, Apollo is the Hyperborean Ymir of Norse myth, the monad of Pythagoreanism, where the higher Apollonian type is made an enemy but also a resource, the basis of everything.

As the priests of Christian Europe existed with Jews, the…

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