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Updated 7/14/2019

The Josh Bernstein Show Published on Jul 14, 2019 First off, this video was recorded BEFORE the LIVE Show. Thank you all for watching the live show and calling in and commenting. It was an awesome success!!! Now, back to somber reality and doing what I’m known for. This story is truly UPSETTING but it needed to be exposed… #DragQueenStoryHour #KidsInDrag #DragQueens #LGBTQ #GayRights #JoshBernsteinShow #Transgenderism #GenderEquality


BBC pushes TransAgenda Showcasing Down Syndrome Drag Queens.


The video states, ”Drag Syndrome” is,

“a collective of artists with Down syndrome who are drag queens and we have a drag king, as well.”


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“Meet Drag Syndrome – the outspoken performers with Down’s syndrome who are creating a stir on the drag scene,”

the BBC captioned a four-minute video.

“These drag queens and kings were brought together in 2018 by choreographer Daniel Vais, to provide a platform for performers with learning disabilities and to challenge stereotypes.”

the public broadcaster posed.

“They have received criticism along the way, but with a performance at Glastonbury coming up, could they be about to hit the big time?”

the public broadcaster posed.

These manufactured “Drag Queens” in the video are named

  • Francis as “Lady Francesca,”
  • Otto as “Horrora Shebang,”
  • Danny as “Gaia Callas,”
  • Ruby as “Justin Bond.”

Drag Syndrome

Freshly fierced! Highly addictive drag queens & kings with Down-Syndrome. Miaow! 
Also: @radicalbeautyproject@culturedevice mail:

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