Spinning a Spell into Conker Beads…

A magickal spell for safely keeping the spiders away!

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This time of year my daughter always arrives home from our walks pockets laden with conkers. She is also terrified of spiders, so was fascinated to hear the old folk tales that conkers keep spiders away. How does this work? Who knows? but theories include a chemical the conkers emit that is noxious to spiders. Well, we certainly don’t want to go poisoning any spiders, so we decided to use our conkers to make a magical spell bead wreath instead.

What you will need….

  • About 50 conkers for a wreath this size
  • Gold paint (or a colour of your choice – white would also be lovely)
  • Wire – we used wire stripped from the inside of cable
  • Pliers for bending the wire
  • A good drill

We made the wreath on the day of the new moon. so we decided we wanted our magic to work across the moon cycle from new…

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