The Hypocrisy of Kamala Harris is Positively Stunning even for a Leftist from California

Conservative Resurgence Published on Mar 4, 2019

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Kamala Harris Is A #MeToo Hypocrite

“So, Kamala Harris, senator from California, former attorney general of California, she has been an early lead [for presidential nomination]. I’ve said that she’s probably the scariest person right now, scariest in that we don’t know much about her. She’s clearly pretty intelligent. She checks off the intersectional boxes of the left,” he said. “Just today, just out today, there’s a negative news story about her.”

Knowles explained

Knowles explained how Larry Wallace, a former senior advisor to Harris while she served as AG, settled a $400,000 lawsuit for gender discrimination and harassment during Harris’ transition from the California attorney general’s office to the senate.

“That’s my tax money, anyone else who’s listening in California, that’s your tax money paying that out,” he said. “And where it gets pretty dicey for her is that they asked Kamala Harris what about this major lawsuit almost half a million dollars for one of your senior advisors sexually harassing some woman, and Harris’s office said they had no awareness of it. They had no idea what was going on.” “This is not believable,” he stressed. “This is not believable at all. This guy has worked with her in all of her major jobs, and this lawsuit occurred on her watch. So, either she’s lying, which obviously she is, or she’s totally incompetent. The office is totally incompetent if they’ve never heard of this. But it’s just not possible.”


Knowles discussed how Harris’ successor to California AG would have been the one who settled the suit, adding even more doubt to the story that the Democrat lawmaker knew nothing about it. And to make matters worse, the alleged victim is forbidden to go to the media with her story.

This, said Knowles, is the highest form of hypocrisy:

“Kamala Harris positioned herself as the champion of the #MeToo movement. Kamala Harris was there going after Brett Kavanaugh during all of those hearings. She believes Christine Blasey Ford. She opposes Brett Kavanaugh. All but painted Brett Kavanaugh to be some gang rapist. And we need the truth to be heard!”


“The major mechanism of the #MeToo movement is the media,” Knowles explained. “Without the women going to the media there is no such thing as a #MeToo movement. The whole point of the #MeToo movement was these women feared profession reprisal. They had been backed into settlements where they couldn’t talk about anything. They were afraid of all of these sorts of things. Afraid for their careers.”


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