SNCTM : perversion and ritual magic amongst the satanic elites

bromiso valumPremiered Jun 22, 2019

Snctm is a members-only elite sex club with its headquaters in Los Angeles, California that caters to the ultra-wealthy and whose attendees include Hollywood actors and actresses, billionaires and executives. It claims to offer “spiritialized erotic experiences” and everything about it is rife with blatant satanic imagery and occult practice reminding of Aleister Crowley-type sex magic. The kind of witchcraft and black magic practiced by the upper classes of our society of course goes way further back than Crowley, it goes back to the Saturnalia of Rome, to Dionysian rites in Greece and Thrace, to Egypt, Phoenicia, Babylon and beyond. To the days of temple whores, religious orgies and diviner trannies, an era once considered so shameful it was only spoken of in hushed voices, but in case you haven’t noticed it yet, that era has been completely revived. Vile satanic organisations like SNCTM don’t have to hide themselves and fear judge nor executioner anymore, today they can operate openly and under the protection of the powerful, whilst being lauded and cheered on by an equally debauched media and public.

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