11 Senators are “Missing”, Intentionally Avoiding a Ridiculous Bullshit Vote on a Cap and Trade Bill; Gov Threatens Arrests, Receives Unexpected Response😂🙌

Mr Reagan
Published on Jun 23, 2019

As we say in NOLA, “Gotta love it!”

Send bachelors, and come heavily armed; I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon, it’s just that simple,” 

Sen. Brian Boquist (R) 


Meanwhile, Oregon’s Senate President Peter Courtney’s office told ABC13that each missing Senator was hit with a $500 fine on Friday, which would continue daily until they vote on the legislation

Republicans immediately pushed back.

“We will file legal action,” said Sen. Tim Knopp, a Republican from Bend who has said he has been in three states in the past three days. “If they were trying to bring us back, threatening to arrest us and impose fines isn’t going to work.”

Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick said Republicans have no legal recourse as the fine is explicitly written in statute. A GoFundMe to cover the rogue lawmakers’ expenses and fines raised nearly $30,000 in less than a day. State ethics laws prohibit officials from receiving gifts exceeding $50, so it’s unclear whether senators could access the money. –ABC13

State police, meanwhile, will have the ability to track down senators and force them into a patrol car to return to the capitol, though the agency promises to use “polite communication” and patience throughout the process. 

If Boquist starts shooting, we imagine that could change rapidly. 


James Munder
Published on Jun 22, 2019


The Oregonian Kate Brown addresses questions on missing Republicans

Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, has dispatched state troopers to find missing Republican senators and bring them back to Salem to legislate. All 11 Republican senators are in hiding, at least some of them out of state, in order to prevent the Senate from having the quorum it needs to operate. They can’t abide the Democrat-backed carbon cap and spend bill that is up for a Senate vote. June 20, 2019.

Up to 600 members of alleged militia groups expected to mobilize to Oregon-Idaho border in effort to protect state GOP lawmakers who fled climate change vote

Oregon state capitol
In this June 12, 2019, file photo, a truck moves around the Oregon state Capitol during a protest against climate bills that truckers say will put them out of business, in Salem, Ore.
 AP Photo/Sarah Zimmerman, File

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