The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

The 45 Communist Goals Democrats Thought They Had Fulfilled

On January 10, 1963, the House of Representatives and later the Senate began reviewing a document entitled ‘Communist Goals for Taking Over America.’  It contained an agenda of 45 separate issues (attacks and techniques) that, in hindsight, were quite shocking then and equally stunning today.  

Over the last 50 plus years since this list was introduced in the House, many things have changed, among them that the Soviet Union is gone and Communism isn’t mentioned by the controlled MSM anymore.  Why? Because the founders of Communism, World Zionism, is now the dominant force in the Western World and controls virtually every major geopolitical, social, cultural and commercial aspect of our existence.  

CLEO54123: Muslim Brotherhood and Communist plans for America

Most importantly, about 27 of the 45 Communist (Zionist) Goals on the original list have been or are being achieved.  (History has largely retired the other 18).   These remaining 27 items will…or should…shock you.  It is essential to also understand that World Zionism CREATED Communism, took down Russia, set up the Soviet Union and created two World Wars in which over 100 million died.  Whether the term is ‘Communism’ or ‘Bolshevism’ or ‘Socialism’  or ‘Marxism‘ they all emanate from one source – World Zionism.  That must never be forgotten.   

So, as you read through this list, understand and never forget that these goals, most now 100% implemented, are all ZIONIST goals.   

Here, in part, are the most blatant Zionist Communist achievements listed in that original list of 45 Goals.   Read this group very carefully…these are the most sweeping, revolutionary, devastating and deadly Goals on the list from 1963.  ( I will list all original 45 further down the page.)   […] 

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Fbi Files – Communism and Religion – Subversion of Church and State -Vol (1) #Bolshevism #Capitalism

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Macrocosmic Thinking: Useful Idiots and the 45 Goals of ...
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