The Democrat World Of Opposites

by Bode Lang

The truth, is almost always the exact opposite of what Democrats say it is. Here are some examples of the proof including Mazie Hirono, Kirsten Gillenbrand, and more.

Democrats Say Stuff

Democrats Say More Stuff

When Democrats tell you that they don’t lie, just show them this. Compilation of Democrats lying, misleading, or speaking out of both sides of their mouth. First of series Democrats and Anti-Trumpers Just Say Stuff
Democrats keep saying stupid and untrue things with no shame. No matter how false, if it sounds good, democrats will be sure to say it hoping it will win public favor and improve their chances of attaining power. For stats, studies, articles and videos from the conservative perspective, visit


Liberals Are Lawless: Are Liberals Above The Law?

How Left-Wingers lie, deceive, mislead, and just say anything about illegal immigration, no matter how false, in order to push an open borders narrative and undermine the freedoms of Americans. They want to import mass amounts of immigrants and demagogue them into voting for more government or using incentives such as free money, free healthcare, free education, etc. in exchange for votes.
The Political Left Believes Breaking the Law is Noble. See the Twisted Ideology of liberalism that honestly believes they are good for breaking our laws.

Ted Cruz on Democrat lawlessness

Victor Davis Hanson Talk

Paul Joseph Watson the Truth about the Uc Berkeley Riot

Democrats Are Economic Terrorists

The Left’s financial attacks on Conservatives. The targeting the advertisers, technology partners, banks and credit companies, insurers, crowdfunding platforms, and online payment processors in attempt to financially suffocate conservative viewpoints. More info can be found at

Why Liberal Beliefs are Wrong – Falseness of Liberals pt 1

Why Liberal Guilt is Dumb

Explaining Liberal Beliefs vs Conservative beliefs and it becomes clear which belief system holds true in reality.

Understanding Modern Liberalism

Suicide of the West by James Burnam

The Closing of the American Mind by Alan Bloom.

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