Twitter: Stepping Up The Message Against QAnon

The Q Tree

I simply CANNOT let this pass without comment. It’s a very small observation, but I believe it’s a preview of what is coming.

I noticed when I fired up Twitter today, that the very first tweet they showed me was THIS:

What’s going on in this tweet, in case you aren’t familiar with the personalities involved, is that a somewhat generally disliked MAGA Coalition guy (JohnWickofPolitics), who got negative exposure from Brian Cates (Stealth Jeff), Praying Medic and QAnon, retweeted a post that is critical of QAnon and some of the major accounts which post about Q drops, including Praying Medic.

Before saying anything else, I want to mention that this whole fight (which QAnon has stated he no longer wants to discuss) seems to have been started by a kind of “lets you and him fight” strategy from the dark side, using shills to pump it up. The whole…

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