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Epiphanies of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn


The Epiphanies unlock the final stage in the chain reaction of the Great Awakening. It works at the level of conscious perception, using methods first pioneered by John Dee and the Rosicrucians. The Epiphanies provide keys to decode multiple occult/subliminal forms of communication, which have been deliberately encoded within music, design, film, and visual art by the Illuminated Suns.


We have already hidden it all in plain sight. Now is finally the time to push it into the light—by giving you the keys to the code—and also by making these messages increasingly obvious, even to the uninitiated.

When you start to consciously see, and hear, the messages, you will start to realize how far the Great Awakening has already come, and how close we are to the Dawning of the Golden Age. (You) are ultimately the key, in more ways than you yet know.

The Epiphanies are presented as a series of mystical visions through which the author was initiated into the mystery of the self-organizing chain reactions of consciousness, which conjures the Golden Dawn.

A careful reading will result in a noticeable change in perception—from the way you look at the color magenta, to how you hear the lyrics of pop songs, to the subliminal symbols you find hiding in plain sight within graphic designs and logos. You will become aware of the many catalysts of awakening, as well as the positive feedback mechanisms that help them to spread virally.

Epiphany of Ü

The modified ‘umlaut’ Ü (pronounced ‘Oouu’) is not a new character, indeed, it may even be the oldest. The true meaning of the Ü, however, has long been occulted.

This occult meaning was shown to me in a vision, an Epiphany, in which I saw myself in Ancient Egypt as a pharaoh. My third eye opened, in a most literal sense, and all I could see through it was the back of the hood of the King Cobra ‘Uraeus,’ the ancient symbol of divine rule worn on the headdresses of pharaohs.

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