Father Of Colorado High School Shooting Suspect Is An Illegal Immigrant Deported Twice, Charged With Very Serious Crimes

Jose Evis Quintana is the father of Colorado high school shooting suspect Maya McKinney.

Posted at 10:30 am on May 12, 2019 by Alex Parker

On Tuesday (allegedly) — along with Devon Erickson — Maya thought it’d be a good idea to shoot up STEM School Highlands Ranch.

The attack saw 9 people struck by bullets, including hero Kendrick Castillo — who was killed in the process of subduing the shooters.

What’s notable about Maya dad Jose is that he’s a serial felon and Mexican national in the country illegally, having been deported twice.

According to the Daily Mail, in August of 2008, Jose was charged with failing to stop for police, driving without a license, attempting to kidnap, and “menacing” with a weapon toward Morgan Lynn McKinney — Maya’s mom. All charges except the “menacing” crime were dropped, and he served 15 months in the clink with the contingent of domestic violence counseling.

Then Morgan married him, as ya do.

Nice move.

Thirteen months later, he was deported.

See full story here RedState.com

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