The Extensive List Of Quotes Re The New World Order Whether We Like It Or Not

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The Q Tree

Sometime on Friday, May 3, 2019, an anonymous poster at VOAT put up what is billed as the largest collection of quotes regarding the New World Order – and the attempt to impose it on mankind without our consent – said by a shocking array of public figures over the last two hundred years or more.

The list is spreading around the Q-verse online.

What is notable about it, is that some quotes, without cheerleading the movement, recognize that it is/was happening. In one way, this list gives a scope to the clandestine war Q and the team are fighting that is hard to fathom. Expanding thinking is necessary to take it all in.

This list is not this writer’s work. It was compiled by someone out there in the great beyond – and those of us who are the messengers are grateful for the effort.

Below is an extensive…

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