Ilhan Omar admits she will not assimilate

Past Tweets of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar have recently surfaced, in which Omar admits she will not assimilate and will not respect American culture. Omar claims there is no need to assimilate because “being American means being yourself.”

In 2012, Ilhan Omar replied to a tweet that suggested Somalis should leave their culture at the door. In other words, assimilate. Omar replied to the tweet, stating:

totally disagree America is a melting pot of cultures. Our values is one of inclusion and acceptance!

The woman who made the original tweet, replied to Omar, stating:

As long as the law of the land is followed there will be peace and harmony. No rituals like honor killing

Omar replied:

what does honor killing have to do with Somali culture?

The woman replied:

Nothing to do with Somali Culture. Some people DO want to force there culture or beliefs on their hosts.

Omar replied:

I am talking about American values that this Mayor doesn’t get. Somalis aren’t the problem, the mayor is!

Omar went on:

those with problem don’t have a sense of culture & diversity. Being American means being yourself

Another Twitter user replied:

As long as our AMERICAN culture is respected. That is based in Judeo-Christian culture and law.

Which Omar responded with:

Lol, now that’s just silly

See screenshots of tweets below:

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