Ambrogio: A Greek Vampire origination theory . . .

Author Lyn Gibson

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There are many stories and legends depicting the origination of the Vampire. Together we will explore many of them, but today my focus is on the “Scriptures of Delphi”

Delphi is an ancient city that has been inhabited since 1600 BC. Rich in archeological finds, the site has time after time yielded evidence of many ancient legends and locales. Amongst these discoveries were the “Scriptures of Delphi” said to be written by the infamous Oracle of Delphi. Within the scriptures is a section known as the “Vampire Bible”. Though the term Bible is used loosely as it is not a religious text, the scriptures unveil a story of a man named Ambrogio, who was subjected to a number of curses and blessing bestowed upon him by the Gods somewhere around 450…

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