These People Are SIck! Anons Should Dig On This!

#Avacado #QAnon

Story image for avocados from The New Republic

The Media’s Dumb Avocado Hysteria

The New Republic-9 hours agoAmerica would run out of avocados in three weeks if President Donald Trump were to make good on his recent threat to close the border with …

Story image for avocados from Washington Post

How the US-Mexico border dispute could make avocados … toast

Washington Post-Apr 2, 2019In the wake of President Trump’s threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border, fears are growing over the fate of avocado supplies. Of all the imports …Avocados could vanish in 3 weeks if US closes Mexico border 1, 2019View all

Story image for avocados from Bloomberg

Mexico Hass Avocado Prices Jump 34%, Most in a Decade

Bloomberg-11 minutes agoThe price of Hass avocados from Michoacan, the heartland of Mexican production, jumped 34 percent on Tuesday, the biggest gain in a …If Trump closes Mexican border, avocados could cost more and auto …
In-Depth-USA TODAY-Apr 2, 2019View all

‘Holy Lack of Guacamole.’ Stephen Colbert Gives Us a Chilling …

TIME-6 hours agoOn Tuesday night’s episode, The Late Show unveiled a trailer for a new movie that paints a bleak picture of an avocado-less America. In Mad …

How Trump Could Create a Massive Avocado Shortage | NowThis

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