Introduction I: Basics & Centers – Esoteric Healing by Alan Hopking & PDF Download

This appendix is an introduction to the book: “ESOTERIC HEALING” by Alan Hopking. It contains essential information and overviews on the principles of Esoteric Healing and the most important centers used in Esoteric Healing. The study of the whole book, which contains much more information, is very important to deepen the insights, understanding and applicatiton of Esoteric Healing.


The three laws of health

1. The law controlling the will to live. This involves the First Aspect of Will and Power (Father, Shiva, Life, Spirit). This law controls the respiratory system.

2. The law controlling the quality of rhythm. This involves the Second Aspect of Love and Wisdom (Son, Vishnu, Quality, Consciousness). It controls the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

3. The third law controlling crystallisation. This involves the Third Aspect of Active Intelligence (Holy Spirit, Brahma, Matter, Appearance). The law controls the metabolic system (the organs of assimilation and excretion) Ref 1.

4Happiness is a constant flow of successive adjustments that results in growth: the assimilation of ever expanding experience. Disease is a result of an inhibited flow of Soul energy to the body. It is a process of liberation, for by taking on a disease, a person opens up to greater Soul awarenessan aspect of consciousness not in expression at the time. Ref 2.

True healing

From the esoteric standpoint, true healing, healing that will change a person’s life and inner motivation, can only happen when the Soul of the patient is involved. It is seldom sudden, for it involves change and adjustment and reorientation from within. It calls upon the person to make decisions from within, decisions which the Soul wants, not what the little personality desires. True healing will often entail new habits of the body, nutritional change, and changes with regard to the body’s fitness, types of entertainment and relaxation. All these are influenced from within by esoteric healing, not imposed on the patient from without.



It is considerd a prerequisite that someone who wishes to practise esoteric healing should meditate regularly. While this book is not about meditation, to practice healing in the way described in the book, meditation is not only recommended but essential.

6The use of thought in healing

Spiritual healers do not work with the consciousness aspect of the patient. They work entirely with the life aspect Ref 3. The life force works through the Heart center, utilising the bloodstream (love), while the consciousness aspect works through the brain, using the nervous system (will). To heal, we have to create a healing thoughtform Ref 4. The function of every thoughtform is threefold:

a. To respond to vibration

b. To provide a body for an idea.

c. To carry out a specific purpose Ref 5.


Thought is the carrier for love, the engine, which is the quality of the energy used in the healing thoughtform. We are truly working with the law of Magnetic Impulse. With every healing done from Soul level, we lift the whole of humanity Ref 6. In fact, disease and healing are both aspects of the great “relationship system” which governs all manifestation Ref 7. This is something to reflect on.

8The Vital Force in the Body

With the incoming of the Seventh Ray (the Aquarian Age) we can now heal through the whole etheric body (without needing to touch the physical components, since the etheric is the template of the dense physical body). The seventh ray is gaining strength and impact. It is with this understanding that we undertake to study and practice the science and art of esoteric healing. Hence it is fundamental to become more acquainted with the etheric body. The “etheric body” is a great network of energy weaving through and around the physical body. It is the vital force which maintains the activity of every function of the body. It is the cause and process of the interacting cellular movements in the body. If there is a withdrawal of vitality, atrophy and flaccidity results. If, on the other hand, too much energy is pouring through to a limb, for instance, tetany or tension occurs. A balanced, rhythmical flow through and round the body is the goal of healing. To achieve the goal, however, may require techniques extremely complex, detailed and subtle. But the purpose is the same: to bring about homeostasis (balance) in the body tissues. In this way the etheric body is able to vitalise the physical body. The etheric body is the reflection of the Soul, formed by the Soul of each cell in the body merged as one. It is in this energy field that we work and gain vital information about the patient on the different levels of their being.

9Magnetic and Radiatory Healing

Esoteric healing deals primarily with two activities controlling energy, namely, magnetism and radiation. What do these two mean?


A healer must be magnetic above everything else. He must attract:

1. The power of his own Soul.

2. Those whom he can help.

3. Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate the patient to the desired activity Ref 8.


The healer must understand also how to radiate, for the radiation of the Soul will do the following:

1. Stimulate to activity the Soul of the one to be healed thus setting in motion the healing process.

2. The radiation of the healer’s mind will illumine the other mind and polarise the will of the patient.

3. The radiation of the healer’s emotional or astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose a rhythm upon the agitation of the patient’s astral body, and so enable the patient to take right action, while the radiation of the healer’s vital body, working through the Spleen center, will aid in organising the patient’s force body or etheric body Ref 9.

10Radiatory healing is brought about by linking the Soul with the brain and the Heart center (see rule 5 Triangles: Open the Magnetic Healing triangle), then mingling the two auras on all three levels, both of them responsive to Soul contact. The Soul energy of the patient is then directed by the healer’s Soul towards that aspect of the patient’s physical body needing healing. This process is said to occur consciously or unconsciously.


Radiation is tangible substance and potency, producing effects…. Joy is the most powerful impulse behind the right kind of radiation Ref 10. Magnetic healing involves emanations from the etheric vehicle. Magnetic stimulation of the physical atom emanates from man on astral levels and later from Buddhic levels, the levels of inclusive love Ref 11.

When a healer works magnetically and radiates his Soul force to the patient, that patient is enabled more easily to achieve the end desired – which may be complete healing, or it may be the establishing of a state of mind which will enable the patient to live with himself and with his complaint, unhandicapped by the karmic limitations of the body Ref 12.

11Esoteric Healing defined

Esotetic Healing is an Art and a science calling for the use of the mind, but not the emotions, in the service of the intuition, for the purpose of transforming matter with life energies to bring about change that will benefit the whole. For completeness I would like to add the following more esoteric definition:

“Esoteric Healing is the release of the Soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form” Ref 13.

Esoteric Healing is an Art

This simply indicates that the use of this form of healing is a practical skill, and yet is not fixed or predetermined. Each time a new picture is started, it is different. Art relates to intuition, and intuition to Love.

Esoteric Healing is a science

Esoteric healing, as a science, is objective; the healer does not intend to be involved in the result. The healer wants to do the work and then leave the impact to cause a response in the patient. Esoteric healing, however objective, changes the healer as well, although not in the same way as it does the patient. The changes are different and impersonal, and so they can be called objective. In this way we can see that esoteric healing is a science, since it relates to the mind and to individually woven thinking patterns.

12Esoteric Healing uses the Mind but not the Emotions

In esoteric healing we do not work from the desires and fears of the patient. We have no interest in psychic phenomena and regard it as an interference which the work of healing is better without. The esoteric healing practitioner believes the emotions and psychic states he might experience from contact with a patient to be illusions that are to be avoided. Intelligent intent lies behind all wise direction of energy. In this way the patient will not be bombarded with our desires and hopes. Instead, the patient will sense clarity, a feeling of purpose and direction, either immediately or over time.

Esoteric Healing uses the Mind in the Service of the Intuition

By tapping into intuition, the esoteric healer believes he or she can work with the causes of the problem or illness which is being presented. The intuition is the diagnostic tool. The healer is totally self-reliant. The Soul is an initiate; the Soul is a master. There is no need for intermediaries, guides, and inner teachers. There is no doubt that such guides exist on the subtle planes, but they are not reliable. Mostly they are promoters of glamour or personal aggrandisement in a disguised manner. Esoteric healing and the esoteric healer works from the Soul plane or Soul dimension. Thus in healing, the healer aspires always to remain in touch with the Soul.

For the Purpose of Transforming Matter with Life Energies

To be a healer means working with the subtle energies and forces which surround and permeate the patient from the level of the Soul as reflected in the etheric body. The esoteric method of healing is based on selflessness and harmlessness and thus it handles and transforms the rate and rhythm of the patient’s energies (according to the will of the patient’s Soul), not for the healer’s advantage but for that of the patient.

To bring about Change which will benefit the Whole

This stage, the last part of the treatment, brings about healing. The esoteric healing practitioner is not actually trying to cure or willing to cure. The patient and the patient alone, directed by the wisdom of the Soul, permits the healing.

13What is an Etheric Center?

Etheric centers or chakras are points where the lines of force composing the etheric body cross each other, thus forming vortices of energy. There are seven major centers with three other centers regarded as of major importance (making ten centers), forty-nine minor centers (twenty-one of which are more important) and hundreds of lesser or minute centers. The healer has to think clearly before bringing about the desired results, but the energy poured out into the patient’s vehicle is not mental energy, but one of the seven forms of pranic or life energy. This travels along the lines of forces or the channel which relates and links all the centers and connects those centers whith the glands Ref 14. Therefore, we see energy flowing from the centers into the denser channels called nadis which underlie the nervous system as a whole (the consciousness stream), and via the endocrine glands into the blood stream via hormones (the life stream). But remember the healer only works with the life aspect (not the consciousness aspect), endeavouring to work through the very heart of the center where the point of life is to be found.

The importance of the endocrine gland(s) cannot be overestimated. They are a miniature replica of the septenary constitution of the universe and are the medium of expression and the instrument of contact for the seven ray forces. The Master DK confirms that the medicine and the healing methods of the future civilisation will be built around this still unrecognised truth. In all our work as esoteric healers and as servers in the world of causes for the betterment of humanity, we must remember that we are working with the science of energies (called the science of occultism) and that this will eventually lead to what is called the science of Laya Yoga or the esoteric science of the force centers Ref 15. So we are called on to respect the human energy fields we enter: they are intricate, delicate and intimate, deeply personal and karmically sensitive.14

The etheric body in the human being

1239327-84 Is the symbol of the Soul. 1239327-84 Is the physical correspondence to the inner light body, which we call the Soul body or Causal body. 1239327-84 Is a body of light. 1239327-84 Has a rate of vibration that always synchronises with the development of the Soul. 1239327-84 Is the microcosmic “web of life”, for it underlies every part of the physical structure. 1239327-84 Enables the Soul to be en rapport with the environment. 1239327-84 Is indivisible, coherent and unified, symbolising the unity and homogeneity of Life or Energy. There are no separated organisms in the etheric vehicle. 1239327-84 Links the purely physical with the purely subtle, just as the Soul links the three worlds of the personality – that is, the physical, emotional end mental – to the higher planes in the solar system. 1239327-84 Is symbolised by the five-pointed Star.




This appendix is an introduction to the book: “ESOTERIC HEALING” by Alan Hopking. It contains essential information and overviews on the principles of Esoteric Healing and the most important centers used in Esoteric Healing. The study of the whole book, which contains much more information, is very important to deepen the insights, understanding and applicatiton of Esoteric Healing.



PDF Download – Introduction I Basics & Centers Esoteric Healing


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