U.S. Considers Honoring Muslims who Led Racist Anti-Semitic Cult, Called Whites “Devils” – Judicial Watch

A boxing legend who referred to Caucasians aswhite devils” and “crackers” along with the leader of a racist, anti-Semitic, black cult will be honored by the U.S. government if resolutions pending in Congress are enacted by federal lawmakers. The nearly identical measures, recently introduced in the House and Senate, aim to celebrate the “history and contributions of Muslims of the United States” and include controversial candidates that are clearly undeserving of the distinction.

Among them are two key figures in the Nation of Islam, a political and religious movement well known for its racially divisive rhetoric. The group’s doctrine actually states

Black people created white people in a genetic experiment 6,000 years ago and that “Judgment Day” means the Gods will destroy the entire white race (devils) and establish a paradise nation ruled forever by blacks.

Its influential leader in the 1960s, Malcolm X, is among the Muslims that will be recognized for their contributions to the nation if the resolutions pass. FBI records uncovered by Judicial Watch show that under Malcolm X’s leadership the Nation of Islam followed Mohammad’s interpretation of the “Koran,” which taught that white people are “white devils” to be destroyed in a coming “War of Armageddon.” The agency monitored the group closely in the 60s and described it as an “all-Negro, quasi-religious organization which espouses a line of violent hatred of the white race, Government, law and law enforcement.”

Read the full post here- Source: U.S. Considers Honoring Muslims who Led Racist Anti-Semitic Cult, Called Whites “Devils” – Judicial Watch

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