The Qabalistic Cross and the Middle Pillar

bearisdriving•Dr. Israel Regardie guides us through the middle pillar exercise. I shared the audio strictly for the benefit of instruction in this …

Middle Pillar Ritual

Academy Of The Magickal Arte•22K views3 years agoA brief explanation of what the middle pillar exercise is, along with how it effects us, and a step by step walk through of it’s process.14:42

The Middle Pillar Ritual

Daemon Just Daemon•17K views5 years agoThe Middle Pillar Ritual-Finally got this one out, how to perform the Middle Pillar. This is the introductory Middle Pillar to get you …8:35

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®: 5a. Banishing Pentagram Ritual. Emerald Tablet & the Golden Dawn

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®•196K views10 years agohttp://Golden-Dawn.Com: Part 6 includes the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in the Ahathoor Temple No 7 of the …9:05

Kabbalah – Potential in the Middle Pillar

kwilkes68•988 views7 years agoThe potential of a thing is contained in the seed of its beginning. However, what it actually becomes determines if it has taken the …12:31

How to do the Kabbalistic cross ritual (with visuals)

Emerald Mage•168 views4 months agoIn this video I teach you how to perform a ritual called the Kabbalistic Cross, It is used before other rituals do declare your divinity, …

A Tarot Journey

The Qabalistic Cross

qabalisticcross1This is a very basic ritual, one of the very first that students learn. It utilizes the archetypal symbol of the cross, which has possessed a significance in magic that long pre-dates the Christian era. One very early use of the equal armed cross was as a kind of basic map, representing the circular horizon visible from a person’s point of view divided into four quarters and four cardinal directions: North, South, East & West. It thus came to symbolize the condition of being oriented, of knowing exactly where you are. [1]

The ritual of the Qabalistic Cross is a basic psychic exercise of the modern Hermetic tradition. Its purpose is to re-enforce a sense of the “Here and Now”, the conscious self awake in the present moment. This active meditation will focus and integrate one’s whole being–body, mind, emotions, and imagination — toward the ideal of…

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