The Planets (Sephira) and their current positions in the Houses of the Zodiac. The Sphere of Earth (Malkuth) is in the center. Whatever House the Sun is in is also the House the Earth is in (in this case Taurus).

The Moon moves through all twelve houses over a lunar cycle (28 days), and also through the 28 mansions of the moon (each mansion is a constellation the Moon is in for the course of one day). These Mansions are known as “Nakshatras” in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

The coloured circle around Malkuth shows the colours of the Tattvas (elements) going from black to black in a fixed sequence. These are the elemental tides (Akashic Tides) in the Prima Materia, the astral light, Aether, the Quintessence (literally “The Fifth Element”).

The Four Elements are shown at the corners of the circle. These can be used to voice the Tetragrammaton, the holy four-lettered name of God: YHVH.

Note how our solar system can be simulated using a fixed set of permutations of the positions of the movable elements (e.g. planets, the “wandering stars”).

The colours of the Cauda Pavonis are seen as iridescent emanations (shells), cast off by the shifting scales of the Serpent, the Great Dragon, which encircles our world.

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