Adversarial Angels for Binding Demons

The images above show the Sigil of King Asmoday (Asmodeus), the Sigil of the Angel Vashariah, and the two Sigils combined.

Vashariah is described as the adversarial or ruling angel for Asmodeus in various grimoires (including “The Goetia of Dr. Rudd”). The archangel Raphael is also given this role in the Book of Tobit.

“By wearing the demon’s seal with the reverse side bearing the appropriate controlling Shemhamphorasch angel facing toward his heart, the magician is more protected from the wiles, or malice, of the demon he has summoned.”

I dislike the use of adversarial language in my dealings with non-material entities (i.e. all spirits, whether called demons or angels). In this case I decided to see what would happen if I combined the symbols for these two spirits.

Being non-material means that some spirits are very “gender fluid”. Most imagery for Vashariah is of a feminine or female nature. Asmoday is always shown as a hyper-masculine entity, and a Demon of Lust. The physical act of drawing and combining their sigils could then be used to mirror their symbolic union in the astral plane, balancing some of Asmodeus’ more extreme attributes.

Asmodeus is often associated with the sphere of Geburah (Mars) on the Tree of Life, whilst Vashariah is associated with the sphere opposite it, Chesed (Jupiter).

The sigil for Vashariah is given on P. 709 of “Foundations of Practical Sorcery” by Gary Nottingham (2015), although no source is given for it.

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