Living in Sarah Jane Adams’ Technicolor World

#MyStory is a series that spotlights inspiring women in the Instagram community. Join the conversation by sharing your own story. To see more moments from Sarah’s colorful life, follow @saramaijewels on Instagram.

“#MyStory is about being 100 gazillion percent authentic.”—Sarah Jane Adams (@saramaijewels), antique jewelry dealer and model based in Sydney.

“I don’t want to look young. I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, she looks good for 65.’ I don’t care about that. I’ve always bucked the system. I don’t read magazines; I follow nobody. I just look at what’s out there in the world immediate to me. My hint to people is: Cut out the crap. Do your thing and follow your heart and don’t be frightened. Life is not a popularity contest. You’ve got to be popular with yourself.

I think it’s a happy accident that mainstream fashion has discovered the look I’ve been doing my whole life. I have a lot of clothes I wore when I was 18, and I’m now 61. My clothing has to be very versatile — I’m always doing tomboy stuff, climbing and falling. If I want to do some gardening, I can do it in a ballgown.”

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