45. Repeal the Connally Reservation…

The Naked Communist

In 1946 when the United States Senate was debating the aspects of the UN Charter, Sen. Tom Connaly (D-TX) restricted the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in domestic matters, assuring that only the United States could dictate the Court’s jurisdiction.  In 1959, Sen Hubert Humphry proposed repealing this restriction with bi-partisan support from Democrats like William Fulbright and Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower who said “True peace and friendship throughout the world cannot come to pass unless there is an international rule of law.”  Despite this support, the public objected and the Humphrey Resolution never came forward for a vote and a vote for repeal has not been seriously offered since.

But there may be no need for a Senate vote as the United States can simply positively affirm the right of the United Nations to have jurisdiction over certain domestic matters.  The Connally Reservation does not prevent the…

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